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We, Decobocokotonohasha will privede you some Kyoto Stencil dyeing Experience. And we make “KOTOMARU charm”using Kimono cloth dyed Chinese characters and so on.

We do workshops and sell our hamdmade items at events in various places.

Kyoto Stencil dyeing Experience

There are various ways to dye kimonos, but “stencil dyeing” is one of them.

Let’s enjoy dyeing with various stencils from traditional patterns to Kawaii series, using the brushes with the Japanese colors.

You can Experience In the Japanese Tatami room of Japanese common house in the west of Kyoto.


Authentic course ¥3,000〜¥5,000

Using traditional craftsman Wadazen Suisho’s valuable dyeing stencils, you can dye traditional patterns such as “Sakura” “Yamaboko and Wisterie” in a silk fabric.


Japanese Kawaii course

handkerchief(S) ¥1,000

bag (S) ¥2,000

tenugui ¥3,000


You can dye Kanji in the order as well.

Please do not hesitate to ask anything.


Please be sure to make a reservation,

The reservation is for 2 people or more,

Please use this form for reservation and inquiries.

“KOTOMARU charm”

KOTOMARU charm is made by dyeing Kanji, numbers, Japanese patterns etc in the kimono cloth.

We also accept orders of favorite letters and colors.

Please contact us with this form.


Reservation only

Please use this form for reservation and inquiries.


About 20 minutes on foot from Hankyu

Kamikatsura Station

and 25 minutes from Katsura Station.

10 minutes by taxi from Arashiyama or Katsura.

There are two parking spaces.Please contact us.


Address : 3-37 Yamada Odorocho Town,

Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan 615-8265


E-mail : decoboco888@gmail.com